Hello my dear ECO DECOR lovers! My name is Victoria Perova. I am the owner of VictoriaEcoDecor.


 As I can remember  myself  I was always creative. Drawing, crafting, painting were my favorite activities from childhood. All members of my family  in several generations had  many different  talents  in crafting so maybe this is the reason of my preferences.

But in some reasons I did not develop my passion into my profession and became a teacher of history  and English language. But I never worked in school. Hoping tofind my way I tried a lot of activities.

 2006 my family and I changed the place of living and moved from Kiev (the capital of our country) to Novhorod-Siverskiy (the small provincial town with more than 1000 years history).
We made such decision because my husband and I wanted to rise our son in eco friendly region. Now I understand that was my first step to sustainability.

We'd bought an old house on the bank of Desna river with unbelievable views and started the reconstruction. That was the real chance for my creative and crafting talents to show yourself.  Then there were a lot of decisions and changes in plans, design and decor. Also my personal tastes changed! The reason of such changes was our new place of living. Huge pine forests, beautiful fields, two marvelous old rivers. I saw this unbelievable  views every day from my windows.

So such materials like old breaks, wood, linen, jute, ceramic and willow baskets became my favorites! But there was a lack of such eco decor items and linen bedding in the local shops. That's why I've decided to create them by myself! The result of that decision was a bit unexpected for me but I decided to create  a  company which will produce all the ECO stuff  I like so much. That was the way VictoriaEcoDecor  appeared.  

First linen bedding sets were  created for me and for my family. Stonewashed linen was chosen because of its unique properties. Also such home decor items like linen pillows with handmade laces, linen curtains, tablecloths, towels and jute mats, wool blankets and carpets were produced by my team.


So, now you know the way the main principles of my business were born!

The main things are uniqueness and quality! We help our clients to make perfect choice! They give us necessary information about color palettes and design of their homes or bedrooms and we produce exclusive textile goods to make their life more comfortable  and healthy! Sizes, colors, design, number of items. Everything is individual! Each product is handmade. It means attention to each detail and stitch! When people get exactly what they want they will use it with pleasure for years and even generations ( in the case with linen) but not throw it on waste each time they want something trend stuff.

Next. We produce only eco products! The materials we use have Oeko-Tex Standard 100. So our customers can be confident on its quality. Only eco friendly methods of softening are used. To say the truth we really wash our linens with stones.


Several weeks ago I started new line of products. Linen eco bags for shopping which will help people to avoid using plastic bags.

The last but not the least. My business is socially oriented. I prefer to hire women who have no opportunity to get standard job such as retired women or women on decree. My chief of production is disabled person. Her name is Oxana. She is my inspiration and she is great Professional!

I hope the items we've made with love and care will help you to create the perfect eco friendly atmosphere in your own home and zero waste life for you!

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